Sunday, September 3, 2017

Beautiful Faceted Crystal Rings

Three rings: yellow citrine, violet amethyst and clear crystal quartz. The handcrafted rings are made of argentium.

This alloy of silver has a touch of germanium added, which contributes several properties including high
Top part of ring is built up by fusing additional material
 resistance to tarnishing, reduced incidence of allergic reactions by those who are prone to silver allergies, and physical properties that allow different fabrication techniques; namely fusing.

These rings are sized between 5 and 7, but I can resize to your exact need.
Rough shaping
   I hope you like the photos, which depict several stages of the fabrication process. Made in two parts, there is the ring itself and the basket which holds the faceted stone. The completed basket is then soldered to the ring. After a good buffing and polishing, the stone is set in place by carefully bending the prongs around the top of the stone.

Ring is ready for a basket
Feel safe ordering one of these rings with the full knowledge you can return it up to 30 days if anything is just not right about it. And you can send the ring back any time should it need adjustment or repair.

Baskets start as unlikely radial spoked round 'thingies.'
 Price is $100 or 0.02 bitcoin. Send an email if you wish to purchase one of these beautiful handmade rings or if you have any questions.
Center spokes cut away and outer parts bent up. A basket starts to take shape.

Voila! The basket is ready for the stone.